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Red Dirt Rags

Gang Sheet Builder (All Sizes)

Gang Sheet Builder (All Sizes)

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Build your own Gang Sheet

Please ensure you are uploading quality images.


if you have built a design in Canva, that is not a professional software I CANNOT guarantee the quality of your images . 

Pressing instructions: 

285-290 degrees with Teflon sheet for 20 seconds with HEAVY pressure. 

Hot peel, wait 5 seconds and then quickly peel the transfer sheet. 

repress with Teflon for 5 seconds. 



STORAGE: transfers are to be stored in a sealed container with silica packets to prevent moisture. 
Transfers cannot take the heat/humidity. If you leave them in your car, on your table, ect and they get warm, it WILL affect how they peel. 

Transfer returns are not accepted after 48 hours. 

By continuing to place an order you are accepting the responsibility for the outcome of your product. 

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